Dear  NewFriend,

Thank you for checking out our buycraft store. Everything that which is donated here goes directly back to the server in serveral ways, such as for plugins, or just for generally keeping the server up. You are not obligated to buy anything, and most things from this store are for cosmetic reasons (and give no true advantage you couldn't get in-game,) however this is directly helps us.

Purchases can take up to an hour to process, after an hour if you still do not receive your in-game item please go to our forums and let us know (nanonuke.net), or send me an e-mail at Support@nanonuke.net.

By purchasing anything on our website you automatically agree to our Terms of Service, and declare the person whom has purchased something to be the owner of the card.

If you do not trust the server, you can always donate to the host itself. Let me know what you'd like afterwards. Link Here

Keep in mind NanoNuke is in no way affiliated with Minecraft and Mojang, AB and is not endorced by Mojang, AB. Please do not contact them about any purchases as they cannot help you in any way.




Thank you so much for supporting us,